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I Use My Husband’s Friend as a Good Sex Partner

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I‘m 34 years old, I’m a blonde, medium height ( 176 cm) woman.I’m married to an older man. My husband is 54 years old, and we live a very rich and pleasant life in Vienna, Austria.


We are living a lovely life, we have everything we can possibly wish for. But our love life can’t even come close to it, our sex isn’t even near to what I need in these years. Every time when I put on some teasing clothes and when I start kissing his dick, he gets all excited up and cums 5 minutes after starting the intercourse. My pussy always ends up wet…and I end up having to pleasure myself…to touch my wet pussy while my juiced are running from her…alluring juices which would serve as a really good lubricant for a nice dick which would finally fill me to the end. I often dream about some younger guy with a big dick…how I’m sucking the tip of his big dick…how he is putting his dick inside of my wet pussy…and often masturbate to those thoughts.


I love roleplay and tease clothes but my husband doesn’t, and he is jealous. I sleep in a seethrough garment without panties and a bra, that way I can touch myself as much as I want to.My husband’s dick isn’t big, not small either..but what can I do when he cums so fast. We have been living together for 2 years now.


A few nights ago, I opened a window because it was very hot. There was a shadow moving through the dimmed light in the neigbhor’s apartment.It was the neighbor’s son who is, to my knowledge, watching me a lot, but he is young so I wasn’t paying attention to him.


I saw that he was looking at me, so I put my tits in a very rich cleavage while I was brushing my hair. As soon as I did that, the dimmed light in the neighbor’s apartment turned off and the shadow dissapeared.I proceeded to close the window and put the curtains on.When I went to bed, my husband still wasn’t home, he was probably out with his friends after the football game they watched. I was engulfed in lust, I started touching myself..to run my hands across my breast, then to rub my clitoris…I was totally wet and ready for a good dick to enter my tight but juicy pussy.


I moaned deeply, wanting sex…wanting a dick to destroy me..to fuck me good, to lick my clitoris and anus..so I can finally enjoy a bit. At that point, I heard the door opening..but another voice, unknown to me.I only took my house garment to put around me so I wasn’t naked and I made my way to the living room to see who was there. Both of them very drunk, my husband and his friend. His friend was an okay built guy around 45 years old, quite charming but not that beautiful, handsome yes, but beautiful no. We met each other by shaking hands, and my hand was still sweaty and smelled of my pussy juices, which he probably could notice.I asked them if they were for a coffee or some sort ofa drink and they agreed.


My husband went to get a drink and I made my way to the kitchen. I was walking in an alluring and mesmerizing way deliberately, to get his attention.I could see that he was looking at me. When I was returning, I made my cleavage even bigger, my tits were almost falling out, and he looked at me like he was looking at a Godess. I sat down with them for a coffee, I crossed my legs, and my garment slid so much that my whole leg was sticking out, after a few seconds I covered it, but the goal was achieved, he saw it. He was knocking his foot on the floor nervously, sometimes looking at me because he didn’t dare to do anything because of my husband. They had a few drinks and he said that he had to go.


I saw him out the door, and he hugged my husband just so he could give a hug to me too. When he hugged me he whispere into my ear ” I’ll call you “. He left and I went to my room. My husband was drunk.We got in bed and I was very horny, I dreamt that I’m getting fucked by his friend, I started touching him by his dick…he slowly got an erection because I even started licking it. He got hard while he was in my mouth…and I was all wet so I decided to sit on my husband’s dick…I started fucking myself for a few minutes and then…he came. I went back to bed all dissapointed, while my pussy was still pulsating and his cum was dripping out of my pussy.I actually tried to taste it and it was very delicious because his sperm got mixed with my juices..and it was very delicious.I washed myself and went to sleep.


On Monday morning, my husband went to his company in which there were 20 people working. About 11 AM, my phone rang ! It was my husband’s friend : ” I’m sorry for bothering you mam, but I just wanted to have a talk with you ! ” ” No problem at all ” – I replied.Only a few words were enough…” If you can, do you want to meet up today at 3 ? ” ” Yes I can ” – I answered and told him where to pick me up with his car.


We met up and he suggested to go get a coffee out of town, some 20 miles away.It was an old motel with a few rooms. After a short coffee we went to one of these rooms.I was anticipating what’s going to happen next ! He started touching me..and slowly kissing..it was very alluring and beautiful, he took my shirt off…button by button..and I was getting turned on. When he saw my tits he laughed and said how beautiful they were…I laid on my back and he proceeded to kiss my breast. He started making his way down and when I felt his tongue on my clit I screamed from the excitment ! He licked every part of my pussy, he even licked my anal hole. After a few minutes I started cumming, I was already satistifed and happy and I didn’t even get fucked yet ! He took his dick out, it was huge…or maybe it just seemed like so to me when I compared it to my husband’s dick.


I took it into my hand and started to lick it..and then suck it too. I had a mouthfull of dick for the first time ever…and it felt as amazing as I always imagined it would. He put me down on the bed on my back and spread my legs..and slowly proceeded to put it in. It was an undescribable feeling, he filled every inch of my pussy which was melting down from joy while receiving that huge dick. He fucked me slowly and I was slowly fading into a dream..then snapping back to reality. After about 15 minutes…then he started to really fuck me hard.Then after a bit he stopped and told me to ride him. I jumped on top of him and started fucking myself on his dick..just like I imagined in that dream of mine.He truly fucked me just how every woman should be fucked.


I had actually lost count of how many times I came.He even fucked me doggystyle too ! We switched constantly from doggy to blowjob doggy position…after which he had no choice but to cum in me, but I didn’t complain ! I screamed with joy while he filled my pussy with his cum ! It was just the thing that I needed…


After we were finished…he dropped me off at the same place that we met, and we each went our own separate ways.We are seeing each other once a week in secret now, we have a really good chemistry in bed…and now I’m happy and I even love my husband even more, and I’m using his friend as a good sex partner…that’s my story.

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