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My Lesbian Doctor

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Ever since I remember, my usual doctor was an old granny who could barely write and see, and because of that I could never make myself go to the doctor, but this time I really needed a perscription.I wasn’t at the doctor’s for quite a while…so I was in for a surprise when I arrived.


As I walked into the office, I saw a very beautiful brunette with hazel colored eyes, wearing glasses in a white doctor’s suit…with a surprising cleavage with two tits ready to pop out.They were even firmer than mine…how I wondered..how does she do it ? I sat down and introduced myself, and she asked what do I do for a living.”I’m a professor” – I answered, to which she replied with a strange stare full of lust.I could immediately tell that she likes me.


She stood up and approached me behind my back, took my shirt up and that’s when I felt the cold stethoscope on my back.She was pushing on my stomach with her other hand and telling me to breathe…”breath heavily” – she said.


Then she raised her arm to my left boob, and she grabbed it.I gave her a stare…but she didn’t respond, she just squeezed harder and harder while listening to my breathing.


She had me turned on really hard, and that’s unusal, because I can’t remember when was the last time that I was turned on by a woman.I put my hand on her thigh and then slowly raised it up and up until I finally reached her silk panties.When I moved her pants I could feel her freshly shaven wet pussy and I was extremely aroused, so much so that I unzipped my own pants with my other hand and I started fingering myself.She was still squeezing my tits, and then I clearly saw it, that she was a horny slut..shame I couldn’t stick a dick in her, but at least I had my fingers for that.I rubbed her clit for a while while I was fingering myself.We had a mutual moaning session.Her shirt got unbuttoned at that moment, and then she started touching her tits while telling me to eat her pussy.


I didn’t hesitate.I lifted her tight white skirt and started.With the tip of my tongue I startled her lovely wet pussy, while at the same time fingering her ass too.She was moving about all the time, moaning…she then moved to a better position by raising her leg at the table.


My other hand was not busy however, so I decided to finger myself at the same time.”I needed this so much” – I thought, “if I had a dick I’d fuck her brains out !”.


My tongue in her pussy, my fingers in her ass, while I was fingering myself…it was very sensual…such thought were occuring in my head while the doctor was riding my face with her pussy.That sight alone made me horny a lot ! We were having orgasms but we had to be as quiet as possible.


After that session, I took my perscription and headed home…eager to come home so I could shove a dildo in myself.


Thoughts alone weren’t enough…so I went to the internet, turned my camera on and I tried to find someone to jerk off with me while I’m fucking myself with a dildo.The doctor was all that was in my mind at the time, I was so horny…so much so that I had a feeling as if I could take 5 dicks in my pussy at the same time, and even so many still in my ass too, while showers of cum are raining down my mouth.Then two young guys came on the camera feed and they were in a treat.They immediately started masturbating.I asked them if they could do it harder because I was so horny…I was happy because these youngsters were having the time of their lives with their dream woman apparently, and all I could think was about the doctor…not that I wouldn’t mind some dick too though.


I went down on my knees, placed my dildo on the floor and then I rode it while I was playing with my tits at the same time.


The boys had their best orgasm…they dropped a huge amount of sperm..and I soon followed, I came while thinking about that doctor…and I decided that I will make sure to bring something to fuck her with the next time I visit….

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