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Straight Face

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I‘m going to start off by explaining what the game ” straight face ” is about, for those who don’t know.Straight face is a game where 5-6 men are sitting by a table ( preferably a round table ), and one girl hides herself underneath the table and picks a single man and starts sucking his dick.The goal of the game is that the man whose dick is being sucked doesn’t show it in any way to others that his dick is being sucked, he has to keep a straight face, got it ? If the rest of the crew find out that he is the one, he has to either pay up or drink…the stakes depend on what the players agree upon.


And so, a boy called me to his house to hang out.He said that there would be more guys and girls so I decided to come.But when I arrived, there were no other girls at all.There were 7 guys and I was the only girl.


I tried to break the ice by saying ” Nice party guys, are you planning a gang bang or something ? ” .


“Hahahahaah nice joke ” – they replied, and from the corner ” that’s not a bad idea actually ” – came from a guy that I’ve never seen before.


“Let’s play truth or dare ! ” – another one said.


“Naaah screw truth or dare, it’s better to play straight face ! “.


And so they voted on what game to play…and of course the straight face got the most votes…and then another guy asked : ” who’s going to be under the table then ? ” .


And then they all turn their looks towards me like in a comedy movie..


“Well you figured everything out rather brilliantly…very clever ” – I said nervously.


“Come on, don’t be a party pooper !” – they tried everything to convince me.


But the truth was, I didn’t need that much convincing, I knew I was going to accept it because I wanted it…but I was hesitant just to mess around with them a bit….and then I say ” okay I guess “…and they all looked at me in awe saying ” for real ? ” .


I gave them a nod and told them to sit by the table.They got all fired up, they couldn’t believe that I said yes.


“The rules are : who gets caught has to drink 3 shots of vodka and to give Tina 20 euros…” – everyone agreed.


“When you take your seats, unzip your pants and pull your guns out so that Tina doesn’t have to bother with that ” – one of them said.


So then I snuck under the table…and wherever I look around I only see dick…all of them hard…and I didn’t even touch them…so there was this guy that I really liked, Mike, he was the sole reason I accepted to come and play this crazy game, so naturally he was the first on the chopping block because I really liked him and I wanted to suck his dick.


I sneak in between his legs, and I first start to circle around his dick tip with my tongue. As soon as I started, Mike started to blabber on and talk about some football games or something, that was his way of hiding what was happening underneath the table I guess.I then started to take little bites out of his tip…and Mike is doing all he can to divert the attention, he even resorted to naming all the football clubs he knew.Then I used my tongue to lick his entire dick, from balls to the tip in one motion,and at the very end at the tip I deepthroat him as much as I could, almost full.And so I was there with Mike’s dick in my mouth…doing my thing.I could hear him sighing and having troubles keeping his concentration up so I paused for a minute, because his dick was so delicious and I didn’t want him to get busted because I just wanted to keep sucking on his dick.


And so I was there sucking Mike’s dick…but unfortunately, when I started to be a bit more rough…he got busted because he couldn’t keep his straight face anymore hahaaha ! After that I sucked all the rest of those dicks, some of them even came, I actually got pretty horny, so much so that I was actually feeling ripe for a fuck ! Do you guys want to take a guess who plowed me ? Of course it was Mike…I took him to my roommate’s flat and we banged there for the whole afternoon !


Ever since then, ” Straight Face ” was my favorite social game 😉

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